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Your local Cornish "computer support specialist" with over 29 years of experience, offering Trade Prices on Quality Parts.

Max Shand is the Manager of "Computers to the Max" I pride myself on offering the Very best product knowledge and support. Going beyond the call of most, offering out of hours help and care which is when you need it most.

For Over 29 Years


Computers can be Complicated, this does not need to be the case. I structured my business "Computers to the max" to give you the power to choose and understand repairs, Parts and the Technology.

With over 29 Years experience We have seen the computers come on from a humble 286 Personal IBM computer to a all singing and dancing Tablet that you can talk to and get information that is just what you are after.

But with all these advances comes a more complicated system and its what we pride ourselves on keeping up with Modern advances and trends. Just take a look at VR ( vertical reality) until you have experienced the immersion into another world. It may come across as the latest fad like 3D. We have invested in a Kit to demo and know first hand what's needed to power this future technology, from Education to entertainment.

Service is more important than A SALE !!!! - this is not the best business practice but its a Cornish one. I offer free advise sometimes that is just what you are after, what better call that puts your mind at ease or answers that question, where would you go next time you have any computer support :-)

Owner of Business : Maxwell Shand

Computers were introduced in my generation, but they were not for everyone. I trained as a Electrical Electronic Engineer in College and Plymouth Polytechnic, with a full time hobby of Computers! Practicing programming, fault finding and building.

My very first Pc build was a Pentium 386 DX25 upgrading the hard drive, memory and Dos software loading memory into UMB 640mb, I got it to 644 which made it a lot faster to load and the bug started to grab me from there.

Family Man, two wonderful children growing up Fast and a Loving wife that supports my computer passion. I love everyone to be happy, I guess its my nature and I can thank my Mum and Dad for bringing this Cornish way of thinking to my Business, its the personal touch that makes a difference and has kept my drive and passion to help people and there computers. Turning a hobby into a Business and going strong over 29 Years later.


I would like to  thank all my customers over the last 29 years who has supported me and made it all worth wile. Now teaching and supporting there next generation with the technology I am passionate about and can support there needs.

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